We continually hear that when moistness turns the intensity tacky, you and your home feel awkward. Furthermore, you may be believing now is the ideal time to set your AC thermostat at the most minimal level (for fast help), buy the biggest unit accessible, or simply close off vents to save energy and cash.

Yet, if this is valid, for what reason does Energy.gov say to keep your home hotter than normal when you are away, and set the thermostat to 78°F just when you are at home and need cooling. It takes less energy (and that implies reserve funds in your pocket) to keep a steady temperature as opposed to attempting to cut it down rapidly.

This fact might be a reminder to homeowners who need to quit having confidence in the normal air conditioning misguided judgments and begin setting aside their well-deserved money.

ABUNDANT AIR DFW, we investigate where the air conditioning’s greatest myths are untruths and deal with ways of setting aside your cash without costing you solace and meeting your cooling needs.

What are the Biggest Air Conditioning Myths Costing You Money?

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